Pop Up Opera at the Corn Barn, June 30th 2016

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Pop-up Opera is an innovative touring opera company dedicated to making opera enjoyable and inviting, without losing the quality of musical performance. We aim to broaden the appeal of opera and to challenge the way opera is performed, by taking it into unusual spaces and making it fun, fresh and intimate.

Coming to the Corn Barn in 2016 on 30th June 2016 - The Barber of Seville by Rossini

Our productions are fully staged, then adapted to each new space we go into, making every performance unique. Performances showcase exciting new operatic talent, professional opera singers in the first stage of promising careers. We aim to bring pleasure to those who are hesitant about opera, as well as to dedicated opera lovers; to open the hidden door to this art form and make even more seasoned opera goers feel like they have been given a secret backstage pass.

Here’s a taster!

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