Don Alder and Stuart Masters

The Alder and Masters Tour comes to Cullompton!!

Two amazing musicians with breathtaking skill and musical dexterity come to the West Country for one gig on their tour. DON’T MISS IT!

Don Alder &
Stuart Masters

“From Folk and Celtic roots to blistering new wave acoustic…”

Stunning Guitar Wizardry!

Don Alder has been described as the 'renaissance man' of acoustic guitar. Often referred to as Vancouver's "best kept secret", he has toured internationally, gaining global acclaim and winning numerous awards. He recently received the prestigious 'International Brand Laureate' honour for his contribution to acoustic guitar music; only the second Canadian to gain the title. He plays with a passion and skill that caused Carly Rae Jepson to describe him as 'the MOST amazing guitarist... still shocked by (his) talent!’

Stuart Masters is a young English guitarist, who has been labelled 'an emerging acoustic master' (R2 Magazine).  He combines Western and Indian Classical, Folk and Celtic influences, with modern percussive techniques, to create a unique, hybrid style. Having been invited to perform across the world from Shanghai to Austin his creative approach to the instrument involves the 12 String Harp Guitar,  live looping, and a hammer to strike the strings. Acoustic Magazine describe his music as 'Spellbinding'.

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